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Azerbaijani rose fragrances at the Paris exhibition


Lecheq Farm & Distillery, a company specializing in the perfume industry of Azerbaijan, represented our country at the SIMPPAR exhibition organized by the French Perfume Society in Paris. Lecheq Farm & Distillery LLC, operating in Zagatala region, demonstrated a wide range of vegetable oils, cosmetics and aromatherapy products made from natural products at the exhibition. Aromatic oils made from roses, lavender and other wild flowers grown in Zagatala and Sheki have attracted the attention of perfume manufacturers. Some experts say that Azerbaijani lavender oil has a special fragrance. French perfumers are interested in vegetable oils from Azerbaijan and offer cooperation. The 50-year-old rose oil demonstrated by Lecheq Farm and Distillery has been praised by experts. SIMPPAR is the largest professional exhibition in Europe in the field of perfume industry. This year's exhibition, held on June 1-2, was attended by well-known brands producing raw materials for the perfume industry from more than 100 countries. It is no coincidence that the Azerbaijani company has become a world-renowned and leading supplier of natural raw materials to the cosmetics and aromatherapy industries. Rose oil produced in our republic during the Soviet era was exported to various countries.

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