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How we work?

The foundation date of "Lecheq Farm and Distillery" LLC processing plant dates to the year 2016. The destination of our factory is the production of essential oils and hydrosol from cultivated Rose Damascena, Lavender Augustofolia and Mentha Piperita Farms and also obtaining from rich, wildly grown plants of Azerbaijan. Our goal is to be trusted, sustainable raw material supplier of flavor fragrance, cosmetics, aromatherapy industries.

Total area of our farms is 182,5 ha:
- Rose Farm – 145 Ha
- Lavender Farm – 36 Ha
- Peppermint Farm – 1.5 Ha

Area of Factory -including production, boiling house, main office, warehouse, and irrigation pools (2) – is 3,02 ha.
The factory is in Northern city of Azerbaijan- Zagatala between Great Caucasian Mountains southern hills and Alazani Valley's eastern banks.​


The equipment used for oil refining was purchased from the worlds leading companies in this field, and the production team had regular production trainings.

The capacity of our production line, consisting of 11 distillers and 2 Veronica pots, is 1250 tons of wet flowers.

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